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Oregon Attorney Sarah M. Litowich

Attorney Sarah M. Litowich is an Oregonian through and through with roots in rural eastern Oregon and the Willamette Valley. She is grateful for these big, broad Oregon roots because she learned the value of hard work and building and maintaining strong relationships. She earned her law degree at the University of Oregon while also earning an advanced degree in Conflict Resolution, giving her even more understanding and insight into how to get the best results for her clients. Her legal career has taken her to Southern Oregon and the Willamette Valley where she now calls home.

Multiple practice areas

During her time as an Oregon Attorney, Sarah Litowich has successfully taken on many kinds of cases. She has practiced in the areas of criminal law, including misdemeanors and felony DUI cases. She has experience in many issues of family law, including divorce, adoption, child custody, paternity and contempt. She has also represented clients with evictions and traffic tickets. Sarah enjoys her ability to help her clients solve their problems – even when those issues go beyond the family law setting.

Because she is an attorney whose focus is on her clients as whole people, she understands how those issues can be linked. For instance, you may have a domestic battery case that arose when you were getting a divorce. You may be getting evicted because you are getting divorced and your circumstances have changed. Attorney Sarah Litowich can help you deal with the legal issues involved in these different kinds of cases.

What makes LITOWICH LAW, P.C. different?

The focus at Litowich Law is on listening to the client and understanding the issues that brought them to us. Every client is treated with respect, compassion, and honesty. Sarah and her paralegal, Amy, are often available for calls, emails, and texts outside of regular business hours because they understand that your issues don’t stop at 5:00 pm. We understand that client input is crucial to understanding the issues and finding the best path to the results you want. If LITOWICH LAW, P.C. cannot help with your issues, she finds someone who can.

Finding the best results

Attorney Sarah M. Litowich will not make major decisions in your case without your input. She will always be guided by your voice. Armed with your story and your goals, she will work to negotiate the results you want. If a negotiated outcome is not possible, she will take your matter before the court. Sarah is just as comfortable in the courtroom as in the mediation room. Whatever happens, you can be assured that she has worked to get you the best outcome possible. At LITOWICH LAW, P.C. they listen. You get results.

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