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Strong Criminal Defense in Salem, Oregon

Criminal charges can impact everything from your job prospects to your self-esteem. At Litowich Law, we understand that things happen. We know that you are facing harsh judgment from your friends and family, employer, and the State of Oregon. We know that you want to figure out what might happen and minimize the damage. We can help you do that while treating you with respect. Litowich Law can help you with criminal matters related to family law matters as well as setting aside old criminal convictions.

Qualities to Look for in an Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense is a complicated area of law. Attorneys must demonstrate compassion while working directly with clients, but also zealousness in courtroom situations. This is not an easy balance to strike. Sarah understands the anxiety her clients face, along with the confusion that is only natural when navigating Oregon’s criminal justice system. Through patient counsel, she eases her clients’ stress, and prepares them thoroughly for any complications that may arise during arraignment, plea bargaining, or before a jury trial.

Respect is an imperative quality in criminal defense; clients should never be made to feel lesser due to their criminal charges. Although it is important for attorneys to maintain a compassionate tone, they should also demonstrate enough respect for their clients to let them know when complications arise. Through full transparency, Sarah can maintain open lines of communication with her clients. This honest communication increases the chances that Litowich Law can help you obtain a favorable resolution.

Don’t let criminal charges keep you from sleeping at night. Litowich Law is committed to defending your rights. Reach out today to learn more about your options and how Sarah Litowich can bring your case to a satisfactory close.

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