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Do you Need an Oregon Domestic Violence Attorney?

In Oregon, domestic violence includes anything from intimidation to violence or stalking. Because family issues can be emotional and distressing, it is possible to become involved in a domestic violence situation without being aware that you have come to that point. Domestic violence affects the parties directly involved, any children the parties have, and often other family and friends. Litowich Law is ready to help if you find yourself involved in a domestic violence situation.

Sorting out Domestic Violence Issues

Domestic violence (or accusations) can occur in divorce, child custody disputes, modification, and even when there are no children or marriage involved. When you are facing a domestic violence situation, there may be issues like false accusations, arrests, CPS/DHS involvement, restraining orders, and the destruction of the family. An Oregon Domestic Violence Attorney can help you understand the many complicated laws and how they apply to your case. Attorney Sarah Litowich has experience with both the criminal and civil issues that can be a part of a domestic violence case.

Domestic Violence Investigations

If someone calls the police because of domestic violence, they are required to come and investigate. Most often, the police separate the parties to get what the officer thinks is an honest statement from each person without the other party’s influence. Under Oregon law, if the officer investigating a domestic disturbance believes that an assault has occurred, that officer is required to make an arrest. The officer may also issue citations for other offenses, or none at all if there is no evidence of a crime. Some officers will direct the person believed to be the victim to a victim advocate who will assist that person to file for a restraining order. Whether you are the victim of domestic violence or accused of committing domestic violence, Litowich Law can help you understand your rights and protect yourself.

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