Co-Parenting Classes to Take Before, During, and After a Divorce

co parenting classes

Co-parenting can be one of the most challenging aspects of your life following a divorce. It requires good communication, flexibility, and the coordination of several schedules. While co-parenting can be stressful when you are also trying to overcome the pain of your marriage ending, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, there are a number of co-parenting classes you might consider taking, which can not only benefit you emotionally, but also your children.

Co-Parenting Classes Online

Learning how to co-parent effectively doesn’t have to be difficult. You can also develop the tools you need at your own pace by taking classes online. Although co-parenting classes can be taken at any time, it can be a good idea to take them prior to mediation as they can provide helpful tips you can incorporate into a parenting plan. In fact, you may even be required to take a court approved co-parenting course before a judge will issue your divorce decree.

Online co-parenting classes typically cover a wide range of topics. You can learn how to avoid common co-parenting mistakes and how to handle long-distance parenting. In addition to offering useful information on how to interact in a positive manner with your ex-spouse, classes can also provide tips on successfully blending families and introducing new partners to your children.

Co-parenting classes can also focus on mental health. They can equip you with the information you need to make sure your children have a healthy transition after your divorce. There are also classes available that can teach you how to assist your children with building their characters and developing their social skills.

The Benefits of Co-Parenting Classes

There are countless benefits to co-parenting classes. Parents can learn how to best manage their own emotions while navigating the complexities of new family dynamics. But most importantly, co-parenting classes can help you put the needs of your children first — and ensure their best interests are met.

When you take a co-parenting class, you can learn to:

  • Effectively manage family conflicts
  • Reduce the impact of divorce to lessen the effects on your child
  • Identify parenting issues and how to overcome them
  • Understand how your parenting can impact the various stages of your child’s life
  • Recognize the signs of abuse, neglect, and alienation
  • Manage your financial responsibilities with your co-parent

Even if the other parent refuses to participate in co-parenting classes, you can still attend the classes without them, which can still greatly benefit your children. However, if they are resistant to taking the classes, it’s important to remind them of the ways they can help your children. If you are attending mediation, the divorce mediator may also be able to assist you with communicating with the other parent about the advantages co-parenting classes can offer.

Using an App to Co-Parent

In addition to taking co-parenting classes online, you and your spouse might also consider using an app to assist you with co-parenting. There are a number of apps available that can help you improve communication, schedule parenting time, and track expenses. Used in connection with the co-parenting skills you can acquire by taking classes, an app can assist you with keeping conflict at a minimum and improving the overall quality of the co-parenting relationship.

Collaborative Divorce and Co-Parenting

One way to help ensure you and your ex-spouse maintain a positive co-parenting relationship is by utilizing the collaborative divorce process. Rather than litigate your divorce, which can be contentious and costly, the collaborative process allows you to find creative solutions, maintain a civil relationship, and lessen the negative impact of your divorce.

Collaborative divorce uses a team of professionals who work with you regarding the many components of your divorce. Often, a child custody specialist is involved, in addition to a mental health professional. Both can offer advice and insight concerning effective co-parenting and can equip you with various problem-solving skills. They can also assist you with having a co-parenting plan in place that will promote a healthy relationship between you and your ex-spouse — and that allows your children to foster a relationship with each of you.

Contact an Oregon Divorce and Family Law Attorney

If you’re considering divorce and there are children involved, it’s crucial to make sure you have the knowledge you need to co-parent effectively. It’s also essential to have a divorce and family law attorney by your side who can help you navigate the legal process associated with child custody matters and obtain the best possible outcome in your case. Based in Salem, Litowich Law is dedicated to providing clients with compassionate counsel and high-quality legal services throughout Oregon. We welcome you to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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