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How Our Oregon Family Lawyer Team is Different

Litowich Law exists because its founder, Sarah M. Litowich, believes you deserve better. Her vision is to deliver exceptional legal services to Oregonians in a modern and personalized way. As an Oregon family law firm, we stand by our clients through their most challenging moments. How do you know if Litowich Law is the right choice for you?

Your attorney is your advisor.

Your family law attorney will likely know more about you, your family, and your finances than any other person you know. It’s important that you feel confident in your attorney’s willingness to listen to you and understand you and your family’s needs. Trust is invaluable because you need to be able to share all relevant information, no matter how sensitive. At Litowich Law, you will find that our attorneys provide you with information and feedback so that you can make informed decisions. They don’t tell you what to do or pressure you into making choices you might not want to make. We listen, build trust, and let our clients do what is right for them.

Your attorney is your advocate.

Effective advocacy isn’t about pounding on tables and yelling objections. This isn’t Law and Order. Effective advocacy is largely relationship management and the ability to influence decisions, especially with family law. The attorneys at Litowich Law study influence and decision making so that they can better understand how people make decisions. Armed with this understanding, they are better able to present your case in a compelling and convincing format. Advocacy is also about legal scholarship.

Your attorney is your scholar and writer.

The law is the framework that tells lawyers and judges how to process a given legal issue. Your attorney’s writing communicates that law and your goals to other lawyers and judges. The attorneys at Litowich Law read the law daily and exceed the number of annual Continuing Legal Education requirements each year because they know that good results come from constant learning.

Your attorney is your gatekeeper.

Legal matters involve the exchange of sometimes vast amounts of personal data. The traditional model of law practice has this data exchanged in paper and kept in physical files in a physical office. Accessing it can be inefficient and inconvenient. Litowich Law uses a zero-knowledge, end to end encrypted cloud server, and only Litowich Law has the key. This means the server doesn’t even know the names of the files it stores. Only Litowich Law has that information. Your data is safe, secure, and accessible to you and the Litowich Law team when and where you and they need it.

Salem, Oregon Family Lawyer

When all is said and done, you and your family must live with the outcome achieved in your case. Litowich Law empowers you to make good decisions for your family’s future. Our clients matter the most to us. Oregon family law is a complex practice area, but we have the dedication, experience, and care to provide our clients the best. Choose Litowich Law because you deserve better. Contact Litowich Law.