Pets of Litowich Law

At Litowich Law, we love our pets.

We love cats and dogs and cannot confirm or deny that either is better than the other.
Meet Ingrid's Ms. Voodoo Donuts.
Meet Mr. Gottlieb's silly Shepard mix Amber.
Amber is a shepherd mix, eat everything in sight, goofy, and adventurous dog. She enjoys long walks on the beach, pulling out every toy for her humans to pick up, and hiking faster than her humans can. When Amber isn't asking for a belly rub, she's snoring on her very own recliner that she's claimed as her own. If the humans are doing something, Amber has to be a part of the process. Amber is excited to be part of the Litowich Law pets team and enjoys the company of her pawleagues.
Meet Amy Adams's Patch Adams.
Born on the mean streets of Portland, Oregon, in the rainy PNW Spring, Patch Adams came into this planet near Foster and 126th. A cute little kitten, white with black patches, he was scooped off the street at three months old with a very bad cold and taken to the Multnomah County Animal Shelter. There he was adopted by his parents, Ken and Amy, and taken to a home in the Columbia Gorge. While in the Gorge he got to see elk, deer and wild turkeys. Since that time Patch has traveled to Texas where he was quite fond of newt watching and survived a terrible virus. He is now back to the PNW with the family and his Mom is very happy that is the case. So cute, he might burn your eyes if he is trying to win a snack. Patch likes catnip toys, canned cat food and warm snuggles.
Meet Amy Adams' lovely Tabby Tigger Tott Adams
Unlike his younger brother Patch, Tigger was likely born in a barn outside of Sherwood, Oregon where he was immediately spoiled and nurtured. Ken and Amy found him at the Cat Adoption Team shelter. At four months old he arrived in Woodburn, Oregon where he would romp through the grass in the fenced backyard, coo at birds and squirrels and grow into the tubbiest, snuggliest tabby. With his late brothers Kiki and JoJo he moved to the Columbia Gorge with the family and helped raise Patch as they journeyed to Texas, survived the plague and returned home to the PNW. Tigger also loves snuggles, snacks and catnip toys.
Meet Amy Adams' Gandalf the Gray
Gandalf the Gray was born into a warm Spokane Valley home in March 2021. This silver tabby wizard came into the lives of Amy and her hubs on Mother's day. A stealthy sweet boy, Gandalf can launch out of the shadows and attack his brothers with glee, but will reach up for a cuddle when he wakes from his naps. Of which, there are so many.
Meet Amy Adams's Magical Pumpkin Eater
Pumpkin Eater is the baby of Amy's cat family. Rescued from the fields of Colbert, when Amy and Pumpkin met it was love at first sight. That magical ginger has enamored himself of all the boys with his roaring meows and playful spirit. His loving nature leads Amy to believe Pumpkin may be an angel in disguise.
Meet Sarah Litowich's tubby tabby Doug Fur
Doug is a sweet and spoiled tabby who came to the Litowich family from a craigslist ad. He loves cuddles, catnip, and sleeping on laps. Weighing in at approximately 18 pounds, it isn't uncommon in the Litowich household to be mercilessly pinned for hours under the warm tummy of this big boi.
Meet Joe Sarah's Joe Biten
Joe Biten (pun intended) is a ferocious panther who isn't afraid to give a little bite to get his lovins. He keeps Doug on his toes and loves to supervise Sarah's daily activities.
fluffy, cuddly kitties
Meet Mogwai, Katherine's kitty foster parent.

Mogwai came to the Denning/Tyree household as a three-day old baby with his eyes still closed. He was part of the first kitten litter Katherine would foster for the Willamette Humane Society but would not be the last as he helped her raise and find loving homes for three more litters. Mogwai taught them how to use the litter box and transition to dry food, but his most important role was devoting countless hours to teaching them the ancient cat art of snuggling.

Mogwai is part Maine Coon, which means he is incredibly social and also likes incredibly odd things such as snow and playing in water. His favorite game is to drop his toys into the toilet and ‘fish’ them out, much to the joy of his human hosts.

chickens near a coup

Meet Katherine’s chicken flock.

Katherine has several chickens roaming her backyard who, on any given day, produce between 1-7 eggs. Needless to say, eggs make up a significant portion of the meals in Katherine’s household and she is always looking for new egg dishes. In addition to their obvious protein providing abilities, the chickens provide entertainment for Katherine’s household who feed them worms from the garden and watch them run in pointless circles.

Meet Michael's Pets: Clockwise from top left: Cherub (the ancient tortoise), Pilar and Petra (the mischievous chinchillas), Lyle (he's both leopard and gecko, at once), Dandy Lion (the sheapardoodlelab), Lola (fierce lap cat), Pretzel (aka Queen Princess) and Allan (just Allan).
Meet Zachary Fisher’s pix-mix Luna
  • Luna is a goofy pix mix and a massive homebody. She loves napping, sunbathing on the porch, visiting the coast and, above all, french fries. Luna also enjoys having company over so she can be the center of attention and get all the belly rubs. Luna hates baths and will give her humans the saddest eyes imaginable whenever it is bath time.