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Divorce & Family Law

Litowich Law in Salem is a team dedicated to serving families and individuals throughout Oregon. Our family law attorneys take time to listen to you, explore your options, and explain the potential paths your case could take. Because you deserve bett… Read More

Child Support

For parents who are going through a divorce or child custody case, Oregon law provides useful guidelines for calculating child support. The guidelines are used in all child support cases to determine how much money each parent should contribute for t… Read More


Establishing paternity is the process by which a man is determined to be the legal father of a child born to unmarried parents. Importantly, this can give the same parental rights and responsibilities on a father that they would have had if the paren… Read More


Divorce can be a difficult time, legally, financially, and emotionally. Even when the people divorcing are civil with each other, divorce is a major life change, which is why it’s important to have a knowledgeable and insightful legal team on your… Read More

Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Oregon

Divorce can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. It can also take a significant economic toll. However, an alternative way to divorce exists that can reduce the negative emotional and financial impact of ending your marriage: collaborative divor… Read More

Child Custody

At Litowich Law in Salem, our child custody attorneys are dedicated to helping you understand the law and practical aspects of child custody and parenting time law in Oregon. We know that your children are very important to you and that the outcome o… Read More

Asset Division

Aside from establishing custody and parenting time, the bulk of the work in a divorce is dividing the parties’ assets and debts. Dividing assets and debts is mostly just math – except it’s a complicated story problem. Read More

Adoption Oregon

Adoption can help families formalize their relationships with each other. Stepparents, grandparents, and other family members often step up and raise children in their family when the birth parents cannot or will not parent. Read More
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Estate Planning & Litigation

A life-long and dynamic process, estate planning is not something you can set and forget. There are many life events that can trigger the need to establish or revise your estate plan, such as marriage, divorce... Read More