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Divorce can be a difficult time, legally, financially, and emotionally. Even when the people divorcing are civil with each other, divorce is a major life change, which is why it’s important to have a knowledgeable and insightful legal team on your side and guiding you through the process.

At Litowich Law in Salem, our Oregon divorce attorneys are dedicated to helping you resolve even the most difficult family law issues so that you might begin a positive and productive new chapter of your life. If you are ready for a better outcome for your family, schedule an initial consultation by calling 503-419-6422 or contact us online.

Resolving Divorce Conflicts Through Mediation or the Courtroom

If your divorce involves minor children, Oregon courts pay for parents to attend several mediation sessions to help them work toward an agreement on child custody and parenting time. For help mediating spousal support, child support, or the division of property, many divorce and family law attorneys hire a neutral third party to hold settlement conferences. The attorneys at Litowich Law are skilled in negotiation and relationship management so that they can help you prepare for mediation and settlement conferences. 

In addition to being less time-consuming, less expensive, and less emotionally volatile than preparing for and going to trial, mediation and settlement can help you to reach an agreement on your terms.

The attorneys at Litowich Law can let you know whether this alternative form of dispute resolution is the right option for your situation.

When couples are unable to communicate with one another and mediation and settlement don’t work, going to trial may be the right option for you. Sarah M. Litowich and her team will prepare you and your case for a trial. Sarah is a skilled trial attorney and thrives in the courtroom — she and her team will be ready to go to bat for you when the time comes.   You can rely on Litowich Law for dedicated and thorough advocacy at every stage of your divorce proceeding because you deserve more. 

Contact Litowich Law if Your Marriage Has Come to an End

This is your story. Litowich Law is here to listen, help you identify your goals, and do our best to help you achieve them. Call 503-419-6422 or email to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation. Litowich Law has attorneys in Salem and the Corvallis area, and because of the magic of technology, they help people with their family law cases all over Oregon.

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