A young man securing a Husky dog in a car trunk before leaving - Pet custody concept

How Does Pet Custody Work in an Oregon Divorce?

In many homes, pets are an important part of the family — and the thought of losing a beloved companion animal when your marriage ends can be devastating. When spouses decide to part ways, the issue of who gets to keep the pet can be a particularly contentious issue. If you have a pet and are facing divorce, it’s essential to understand how cou… Read More
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Hands of ex-wife and ex-husband are tearing prenuptial agreement, gold coins and silhouettes of house and car are around. Financial implications of divorcement. Legal side of family breakdown

Pitfalls of an Online Prenuptial Agreement

If you’re getting ready to tie the knot, you might be wondering whether you and your soon-to-be spouse should execute a prenuptial agreement. If you searched the internet for information, you might even have come across websites advertising online prenuptial agreements and downloadable templates. While these sites might seem tempting, it’s esse… Read More
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