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Responsibilities of a Legal Guardian

A guardian may be appointed by a court for a child in cases where the child’s parents are unable to meet their best interests or are unwilling to care for them. Unlike with adoption, when a guardianship is established, the legal parent’s rights typically are not terminated by the court. Nevertheless, it’s essential to understand that a guardi… Read More
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What is Parenting Coordination?

Child custody can often be a difficult matter for parents to resolve, even when the parties are amicable. Parenting coordination is a type of alternative dispute resolution that can assist parents with developing an effective parenting plan that will meet their family’s needs — and the best interests of their children. Importantly, by working w… Read More
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Estate Planning After a Divorce

A divorce changes many aspects of your life — including those involving your finances and estate planning matters. While it might be the last thing on your mind as you move forward into the new chapter in your life, it’s vital to assess matters concerning estate planning after a divorce. Whether you have an estate plan in place or not, it’s c… Read More
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What is the Role of a Parenting Time Coordinator?

Many people involved in family law cases involving child custody or parenting time have an idea about what a family law lawyer, a mediator, and a Judge do. However, there is another professional that can play a role in the family court setting, and that is a Parenting Time Coordinator (Coordinator) – many people don’t know how a PTC can serve t… Read More
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When Should You Start Estate Planning?

It’s never too soon to start planning your estate. Although no one wants to think about it, the unexpected can happen at any time and it’s important to have a plan in place that protects your loved ones — and gives you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out. Significantly, a comprehensive estate plan shouldn’t only consist of a… Read More
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small boy holding the hand of an adult man - steppparents rights concept

Do Stepparents Have Rights in Oregon?

A stepparent often plays a very important role in the lives of their stepchildren and may develop strong emotional bonds with them as they grow up. They might even assume the role of being the primary caretaker for their stepchildren. In such situations, it can be particularly devastating for the child if the stepparent and biological parent decide… Read More
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father and his adopted daughter sitting on his shoulders - adoption without parental consent concept

Is Adoption Without Parental Consent Possible in Oregon?

Adoption can be a wonderful way to grow your family — and in most instances, the legal process goes smoothly. However, the finalization of an adoption severs the child’s legal ties with their natural parent (or parents). This is why the law generally requires that a biological parent be notified of the adoption and consent to it. But it’s imp… Read More
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Document with the name child support agreement. oregon child support concept

A Guide to Child Support in Oregon

Both parents have a financial obligation to support their children, regardless of whether they were ever married or not. When parents do not live together, child support can help ensure a child’s needs are met and they are able to thrive. However, it’s important to understand that the only way to get child support in Oregon is through a court o… Read More
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Shot of a young businesswoman looking stressed while working on her laptop - Divorce business owner concept

Divorcing as a Business Owner: What to Know

Divorce for business owners can be particularly stressful — your company may be the most valuable asset you possess. You’ve worked hard to build your bottom line and may be concerned about what will happen to it in the event you part ways with your spouse. When a couple decides to end a marriage and one of the spouses owns a business in their n… Read More
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Toddler girl having fun on outdoor playground with parents - Adult step parent adoption concept

Benefits of Stepparent Adoption

Stepparents love their stepchildren just as they do their biological children. But even if they are married to the child’s biological parent, they do not have the same legal rights, obligations, and responsibilities unless the child is legally adopted by them. There can be many emotional benefits and legal advantages to adopting a stepchild in Or… Read More
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