A Great Help

Before consulting an attorney, we spent 3 months trying to resolve a dispute by ourselves. By the time we sought help we were extremely frustrated and losing sleep.

Based on Yelp reviews we called[, t]hey took some information over the phone and Sarah [Litowich] agreed to talk to us. When we arrived she had already done some research and had a good idea of what laws might have been broken. She listened to us, carefully looked over our documentation, and double checked the figures. Based on that, she showed us what code she believed had been violated and we discussed our options.

She was able to resolve the dispute in a matter of weeks with a couple of well worded letters. She reminded the other party what code had been violated, cited a supporting case for recovering damages, and suggested the other party might also want to pay our attorney fees. She did this with aplomb and a touch of humor, quickly resolving the dispute.

We found Sarah professional and competent. She kept us informed and we wholeheartedly recommend her as an attorney.