Forth-right, Honest and Direct

My life is essentially all hard times, recently I was put through a family dispute that was not going to end in my favor on any level and I knew it. Zach at Litowich Law mitigated and helped me control the situation until a justifiably suitable solution was presented and adhered to. More-so my interactions with him felt human and compassionate where-as other attorneys approached with the same dilemma were callous and only talked to me for the initial $300ish consultation fee without any intention of taking the case. Zachary is respectful of both of our time and I have not seen any strange or outrageous fees on the bills like from other attorneys. Furthermore he was willing to work within my budget where-as other attorneys essentially had me pay them to tell me that I can't afford them... Forth-right, honest and direct, Zachary seems like a good guy in a field where they are hard to find. If I'm ever in need of a lane county family attorney again, I'll start my search with Litowich Law.