Top 5 Reasons to Hire a D…

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney Early in the Process

Going through a divorce can be highly stressful for you and your family. There are important decisions to be made about division of assets, child custody, and spousal support, among many others. You will likely have many questions about the divorce process, known as dissolution in Oregon. You may wonder whether in the 21st century, with so much inf… Read More
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Divorce in the 21st Centu…

Divorce in the 21st Century: Do I Still Need a Lawyer?

If you have decided to divorce your spouse, you may be wondering whether you will need to hire an attorney. With the huge amount of information available online, including self-help forms and tips for DIY divorces, you may think you can handle the process yourself. And in some cases, you may be able to complete the necessary paperwork either withou… Read More
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Holiday Hours

So that the Litowich Law Family can be well rested to take care of your family, we close the office starting on December 24, 2019 and reopen on January 2, 2020. During this time, our team will not be answering the phone or responding to emails. We will respond to your emails and calls promptly in the new year. Best wishes to you and your family in… Read More
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The Importance of Updatin…

The Importance of Updating your Estate Plan Following Major Life Events

Estate planning is a lifelong and dynamic process. It is not something you do once and forget about. From the time you first establish your estate plan to the time it is actually put into effect, you are likely to go through many different phases in your life. As your personal circumstances and family relationships change over time, any changes in… Read More
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In a Child's Best Interests: Foster and Encourage a Close and Continuing Relationship

Whether parents like each other or not, their children are entitled to love and bond with each parent. This means that the parent encourages the children to like, love, respect, communicate with, and see the other parent. Read More
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In a Child’s Best Interests: Primary Caregiver

The court favors the primary caregiver because the child is usually more bonded to the primary caregiver and feels safe and secure with the primary caregiver. Read More
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In a Child’s Best Interests: Abuse

In Oregon, if one parent has been found to have abused the other parent, there is a presumption that it is not best for the child to be in the custody of the abuser. Read More
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In a Child’s Best Interests: Desirability of Parent and Child Relationship

Most of the time, the court will find that it is desirable to continue the relationship between the child and both parents. Read More
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In a Child’s Best Interests: Interest and Attitude

The court looks favorably on a parent who makes time for their kids. Read More
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In a Child’s Best Interests: Emotional Ties

Courts might be hesitant to interrupt children’s relationships if they have strong emotional ties with people in their primary household. Read More
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