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Child Support in Oregon Divorce Cases

If you and your spouse are parting ways and share children, child support payments must be determined before the court will issue your divorce judgment. Importantly, each parent has an obligation to support their children financially — regardless of which parent the children live with. While child support may be the most significant expense encou… Read More
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5 Things to Know About Oregon Child Support

At Litowich Law, we know many Oregon parents rely on child support to help their families survive and thrive. Receiving regular payments from your child’s other parent to help pay for food, housing, clothing, medical care, day care, and other costs, can make a profound difference in your family’s safety, security, peace of mind, and happiness.… Read More
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Categories: Child Support
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Salem attorney Sarah M. Litowich is an Oregonian through and through, with roots in rural eastern Oregon and the Willamette Valley. She is grateful for these deep Oregon roots because she learned the value of hard work and building and maintaining st… Read More

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